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Journal Entry #2. "Where am I?" - ???

Where...? Danny awakes in a strange place. Where? He hadn't a clue. His location isn't the only problem, though. He feels strange. Empty. But why? What happened to him? What about his powers? Maybe the answers will be revealed soon enough.

I awoke in a cold, dark room.

Honestly, I had no idea I even woke up until my mind starting registering things again. Sykris had grabbed me, harshly, and thrust me into a dark portal. I could feel lots of spinning and twisting, winding as if I were floating through an angry current. But nothing after. Darkness, then complete black. I passed out. And when consciousness became dominant, I was in a new world.

The room was large, I could tell by the way my breath bounced eerily off the walls. Stone walls. Stone floor. Where am I? was the only thought I could truely manage. Strangely enough, I wasn't alone. Apparently. Something else was in here; a dim green light shone about eight feet away. A part of me, the childish part, wished to crawl over to it, clutch it tightly and cradle it to comfort myself. But I stood my ground, staring blankly at it as it moved.

Wait, it moved. A chill trickled down my spine. The light was blinking. Like eyes, I thought, though I really didn't want to think that. Blinking, of course, meant someone was in here. Subconsciously, I opened my mouth, and a single word sqeezed out.

"Hello?" I asked quietly. My voice leapt from wall to wall, amplifying it. The only response was a small gasp. Something, or someone, gasped at me. At my voice. But nothing spoke.

"What the he-?" I said in alarm, but a voice interupted my curse. I hate to admit that I swear, but it's true. All the stress led me to it. Can you really blame me?

"Dude, language! Who taught you THAT? Seriously," the voice said sharply.

I froze, biting my tongue. "W-who...?" I couldn't finish, I realized, for my throat closed with fear. The green light began to move ever-so-slowly, making its way toward me. As it approached, I went stiff with fear. The light, now split in two, wasn't a simple light at all. They were eyes. Green, glowing eyes. A familiar image popped into my mind. P-Phantom...?

I was so confused, I hadn't even noticed the light now only inches away from my face. I could feel light, familiar breathing cascading down my neck and wraping my shivering body. Only then did I see the light lift something.

A hand. Cloaked with silver fabric.

As it rose to eye-level, I could clearly define the five fingers. Suddenly, a formation of green light appeared within the palm, glowing brightly and only brightening as it grew, consuming the entire hand and giving the massive room a whole new perspective.

I was sitting dumbfounded in a vast, stone room. There wasn't a single window, and cracks, crevices or holes of any kind were given no mercy. Clearly, light was strictly forbidden in this room. It was cold. Freezing, actually. I was shivering, but... I flinched as it finally dawned on me. My ghost sense hasn't gone off. What's worse, I didn't feel my powers. What was wrong with me, anyway?

The room's view wasn't the only thing that changed. I turned my attention from the room to whatever else was in it, and my heart stopped. My eyes scanned what was now clearly visible in front of me, and I gasped to find my own essence staring back at me.

And I literally screamed.

The light the hand created had brightened the room just enough for me to make out his form. Phantom. Phantom... PHANTOM!  I screamed loudly, desperately backing away from him and rubbing my eyes until they reddened. It was Phantom, my ghost half, inches away, gawking at me. The black suit. The gloves, and belt, and boots. The silver hair and stunning green eyes. How the heck was he here!?

Phantom just stared at me, blankly. "Oh, there you are!" He chuckled. "I couldn't even see you, it was so dark in this stupid place."

My mouth dropped. To the floor, probably. Absently, I crawled over to him, leaned in close, and placed a hand on his cheek. "You can't be real," I mumbled quietly.

A huge grin appeared on his face. "Not seeing is believing," he replied. My hand went numb and fell to the floor. "I'm Danny, by the way," Phantom added.

My brow sank and I glared at him. "NO!" I yelled. "I'm Danny. You... You're... A fake! You can't be real..." My voice was shaking. "You aren't real."

"I'm as real as real can be," he said awkwardly, as if his existence was natural.

"But I'm Danny... You're... me," I said quietly. Grinding my teeth stressfully, I continued to stare at him. Maybe if I stared at him long enough he would just go away.

"I'm you?"

"Y-yeah, you're half of me. Or... you were. H-how are you here!?" There was only one way to find out. I closed my eyes, squeezing them tightly shut like a child would do if they wished to get a monster out of their frightened mind. Concentrating, I tried to change. "I'm g-going ghost!"

Nothing happened. I tried again. "G-going ghost!" I said loudly, thrusting my arms into the air. Still nothing. I couldn't feel a thing, except... emptiness. A part of me felt missing. Does that mean Phantom...?

"Uh, Danny, you there?" I realized Phantom had spoken.

"I demand an expanation! Danny, I mean, uh... Phantom... Okay, look. My name's Danny Fenton. You, are Phantom. You're a ghost. My ghost half. We used to be one. The same person. We somehow got separated, and I have no idea how. Got it?"

Phantom's eyes widened suddenly, and he pressed his hands to his chest defensively. "I am NOT a ghost! I'm human."

"Uhh, have you seen yourself?" I started counting off reasons with my fingers. "You're transparent, you're glowing, you're floating, you have glowing green eyes, you don't have a pulse, and you... have a tail." Phantom's legs had transformed into a ghostly tail, thrashing as he levitated about a foot or two from the ground.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a puddle beside us. The water tainted green from Phantom's light. Phantom must've seen it too, because his legs returned and he immediately trudged over to it and crouched, staring at his reflection. He started trembling violently. Suddenly, he jumped up and screamed, lifted a leg and held up his arms in meager defense. "GAH! GHOST!" he exclaimed, turning to me. His eyes were wide and almost manic with twisted surprise. "I'm... I'M A GHOST! I'm... DEAD!" He was seriously screaming his head off.

I slowly moved over to him and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turned his neck to me, wide-eyed and sweating. I gulped silently. "Phantom, calm down. I'm confused about all of this too. But..." I chuckled to myself, nostalgia beginning to take over. "But you're supposed to be the big shot, the tough guy. The one who doesn't let anything get him down, remember?"

Phantom frowned sorrowfully at me. "No... I... I don't even know who I am... I just knew my name."

I tried as hard as I possibly could've to fill my voice with motivation. I really did. "You're the hero! The guardian! You hunt ghosts, and protect people! It's your duty!" I started madly flailing my arms in the air. Phantom stared at me with a purely confused expression.

"You mean... I'm supposed to protect you? From ghosts? And danger?" He cocked his head to one side.

A huge grin overtook my face. "Yeah! Like you said, um, protect me! That's your job, you are Danny Phantom!"

Phantom cloned my grin. "Okay, then I'll be the best guardian ever." He nodded, but grew silent, staring at me. Just then a familiar feeling washed over me. I blushed embarrassingly and glanced at Phantom, then stared at the ground.

"Um... Phantom? I... I gotta go."

He tilted his head again. "Go? Where?"

I blushed even redder, fiddling with my fingers nervously. "I meant, I have to GO."

It suddenly hit Phantom. He returned my blush, now staring awkwardly at his hands. "Oh, I get it. Want me to come?"

"WHAT!?" I glared at him and stormed off, the room becoming darker and darker as I left it. Okay, obviously I couldn't see. But c'mon, Phantom in the bathroom with me? No. Way. I felt along the walls as a way to at least feel my way there, my hands cautiously sweeping the stone. Oddly enough though, it wasn't as dark as I thought it would be once I left the room. I brushed it off as simply my eyes adjusting to the darkness. But it sure was chillier than usual.

I found it a bit of a creepy couincidence that a bathroom existed in this place, but it was comforting to know that I had a place to do my thing. The "bathroom" was a small, rectangularly-shaped stone room with a pitiful toilet (made of stone, of course) and a dusty mirror hung eerily above. The only problem? There was no door. Great. I grunted, sighed and cautiously stepped into the dark room, trying to ignore the creepiness of this wierd place, and released as quickly as possible. But, to my dismay, I looked up to find two green, glowing eyes watching me intently. My eye twitched. "What are you doing here?" I snapped, glaring.

"Protecting you," Phantom answered matter-of-factly before materializing, floating above and staring at me with an enormous grin painted across his face. His tail was back and thrashing playfully in the darkness. I threw a rock at him. He dodged it, distracted while I rose and walked over to him.

"Well, this is awkward..." I cleared my throat. "Now that I'm done anyway, shall we work together to try and find Sykris?"

Phantom raised an eyebrow as his smile faded. "Sykris? Is that, like, a cereal brand or something?"

After an internal facepalm, I blinked and shook my head. "Sorry, I suppose you wouldn't know. Sykris is a creepy old dude who captured me and took me here. My guess is that he's also responsible for, you know, splitting us apart. The only way I can think of escaping is to find him. As much as I hate to even think about that guy, he's our only hope. So, you comin' or what?"

Phantom realized it was pointless to ask any further questions and stoically nodded. He almost looked like he was staring... through me at this point. I ignored it and stepped slowly out of the room. Phantom followed, thus beginning our mission to find Sykris.

Phantom, floating beside me, looked stern. "Seriously though, Danny, when did you start swearing anyway?"

I twisted my neck to glance at him, then back to in front of me. Phantom was gripping an orb of ectoplasm to use as a temporary flashlight. Suddenly, I was fortunate, and even glad to have him there. A friend was nice, I decided. "I don't swear," I answered flatly, too comforted to continue the awkward conversation. Phantom didn't mind the miniscule answer, though. He was glad to have me there, too.
Chapter 2 of Escaping Yourself! This took quite a bit of thought, but luckily I already had the shell of an idea following me... Something strange is going on with Danny... I tried to make this chapter a bit longer, so I hope you like the new length ^^

I decided to write this chapter in 1st person, to test it out. Let me know what you think of it. I may or may not keep this style; if not, I'll go back to writing in 3rd person, but it was pretty fun to write the chapter this way :) Enjoy!

Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon
Escaping Yourself (c) Me
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cool story
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Thank you!! :iconoldschoolownedplz: Finally, someone who read this! But to be honest, I don't really like it :ashamed: Thanks anyway though ^^ and thanks for all the faves :huggle:
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your welcome :D
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